INIF was established to assist the nongovernmental institutions and firms in commercialization of innovations and inventions.



Iran innovation system has many actors, including policy making institutions, ministries, executive agencies and intermediary institutions and advocates for the development of technology and innovation. INIF works as one of the key intermediary agencies under the direct supervision of the presidency with the purpose of financing innovations.

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Iranian Startups Help Deal With Impacts of Coronav ...

The COVID-19 outbreak in Iran has turned out to be technology’s time to shine.

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Iran Offers Support Package for TBFs Hit by Corona ...

Iranian government is offering a wide-ranging package to help protect some of the most dynamic sectors of the economy. 

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Introducing the Spanish Chemical Industry Expo2020 ...

Iran National Innovation Fund (INIF) will support the presence of domestic TBFs in exhibition, and a business delegation will be sent to the country.

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