International Consortium Capability Enhancement

INIF has the mission to help Iranian Knowledge-based companies with building international Consortiums in the following areas:

  • Prototyping

  • Pre-industrial production

  • Mass production

  • Working capital

  • Islamic Treasure Bills

  • Provision of work space

  • Leasing (installment sales)

  • Participation in bids and tenders

  • Best-execution obligation

  • Obligation to pay (credit)

The following are also part of INIF’s services to knowledge-based consortium.

  • consulting

  • obtaining specialized standards and certificates

  • Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

  • Business Diagnosis

  • Market Development

  • Training

  • Assisting with Internationalization

  • Facilitating Wealth Creation and Increasing Exports of Services and Commodities

  • Arranging international B2B events

  • Establishing specialized international exhibitions and showrooms (permanent or temporary)

  • Sponsoring international expertise network

  • Holding STI policy sessions