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null 28th Export Sundays Event Was Held in the Field of Health & Information Technology

28th Export Sundays Event Was Held in the Field of Health & Information Technology

28th Export Sundays event of Iran National Innovation Fund (INIF) was held today on February 27 with the participation of a business delegation from Armenia in the fields of health and information technology.

At the beginning, Dr. Shaverdi, Empowerment Manager of INIF (Iran National Innovation Fund), welcomed the participants, TBFs (technology-based firms) and representatives of Armenian business delegation, and outlined the indicators of Iran innovation ecosystem. Dr. Shavardi considered the development of infrastructures in Iran that are effective in the formation of TBFs and said, “The most important of these infrastructures are universities, which train skilled manpower for the comprehensive development of the country.” She then introduced INIF and its services to TBFs. In the end, Dr. Shaverdi referred to the programs implemented by INIF in 2021 with the aim of bringing TBFs to the Armenian market.

Then, Representative of the Armenian delegation in the field of health, referring to the visit of four TBFs active in the field of health, expressed surprise at the technology used by those TBFs. He continued and pointed to the equipment needed by Armenia and said, “Iranian TBFs must have a measured competition to enter the Armenian market. Armenia has the potential for investment. We are interested in importing products and technologies of Iranian TBFs, which can be a way for these firms to export to European countries”.

Representative of the Armenian delegation in the field of information technology explained the position of Armenia in the field of high-tech industries. He mentioned to 2,500 firms active in the field of information technology in Armenia in 2021. He also explained the benefits of Armenia for the entry of TBFs.

After that, Dr. Rouhi, President of the Association of Medical, Dental and Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers and Exporters said, “While the growth of the medical equipment market in the world is 6 percent, Iran with 9.1 percent growth, is the fifth largest medical equipment market in the region." He then described Iran's medical equipment exports to 55 countries around the world. He also referred to the agreements reached with different countries.

It should be said that on the sidelines of the 28th Export Sundays event, 18 Iranian TBFs presented their technological achievements in the fields of health, information and communication technology, followed by B2B meetings. It was held between TBFS and Armenian businessmen.

It should be noted that Knowledge-Based Export Management Clinic organizes Export Sundays weekly to develop the market for knowledge-based products and make technology-based firms (TBFs) more familiar with the opportunities and challenges of entering international markets.

In these events, a business delegation from the target business markets meets with TBFs and while getting acquainted with the capabilities of TBFs in each field, explains the possibilities and opportunities for presence in the market of target country.