Board of Trustees


Iran National Innovation Fund is directed by the “Board of Trustees” assigned by the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran. After the Board of Trustees, the highest authority is the Executive Board of Directors and its Chairman who also serves as the Head of INIF.

legal members

Dr. Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran-Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Dr. Mohammad Ali Zolfigol

Minister of Science, Research and Technology

Dr. Sorena Sattari

VP. for Sci & Tech-Head of National Elite Fndn

Dr. Seyyed Reza Fatemi Amin

Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade

Ali Salehabadi

Head of the Central Bank

Dr. Bahram Einollahi

Minister of Health and Medical Education

Dr. Seyyed Ehsan Khandoozi

Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance

Dr. Masoud Mir Kazemi

Vice President and Head of Planning and Budget Organization

Natural Members

Dr. Seyyed Mohsen Dehnavi

Dr. Mohammad Sadegh Khayatian

Dr. Eisa Zarepour