Based on the statute of INIF, this fund will analyze the technical, financial, managerial and marketing aspects of the applicants and also the projects of the knowledge-based companies prior to providing them with the following facilities.

  • Interest-free loans for patents, acquisition of technology (a patent) and modeling

  • Interest-free loans to support companies with technology commercialization 

  • Long-term loans for operational manufacturing activities

  • Working capital loan

  • Facilities for development activities of industrial production

  • Leasing sales facilities

  • Facilities to purchase the shares of knowledge-based companies

  • Credit Guarantee Facilities

  • Contributing to pay percentage of interest

  • Partnering in Venture capital (with no financial limits)

  • Capacity Building services for knowledge-based companies

  • Financing work offices of knowledge-based companies in the condition of "Rent to own contract"


Range of Supports:

According to its mission, INIF is responsible to support non-governmental knowledge-based institutions and companies. Therefore the following items are excluded from the supports of INIF:

  • Governmental corporations, institutions and public non-governmental companies with more than fifty percent (50%) of their ownership belonging to the government or public non-governmental institutions.

  • The representatives of foreign companies and companies that import knowledge-based products without any transfer of knowledge and know-how.

  • Universities and educational and research institutes.

  • Common software activities without any innovations.

  • Organizing and participating in scientific conferences, library services, education and training.

  • Practices that are not aimed at developing new products or services or improving existing products or services.

  • Activities and products that are not considered to be within high technologies (High-Tech).

  • Activities without any economic value added outcome.