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null Nanotechnology

During the last decade, 263 universities or research centers have been involved in the field of nanotechnology in Iran. There is also an increasing trend of Nano-based products.

The chart below shows the trend in the past 8 years:

  • Nanotechnology products and equipment, source: science and technology in Iran: A brief review, 2019.


Nanotechnology development in Iran is focused on designing practical and applicable models to provide structured programs for all rings of the value chain from ideas to the market. Accordingly, Iranian companies have been collaborating with international nanotechnology communities and aiming to boost their global networks. They have already been present in the local and regional forums such as ANF (Asia Nano Forum).

To facilitate the process, INIF asks international Funds to engage in co-funding plans with Iranian S&T Funds in order to mutually benefit from the commercialization of Nano-based products.