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null Stem cell Technology

Stem cell research in Iran began with the first hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) in 1990s. By 2004, stem cell studies in Iran had already been developed to include embryonic stem cell research, which led to derivation of new lines of stem cells in the country. Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine has become part of the research since early 2005.

The national document of stem cell sciences and technologies was also approved as part of the country’s national comprehensive scientific map in September 2013 at the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution.

Clinical trials and evaluation of technology projects are important factors to determine the level of advancement in stem cell sciences. Research projects are evaluated and validated before they undergo finalization. Iran is ranked the second among the regional countries in the number of clinical trials in the field of stem cell sciences and cell therapy with 98 registered clinical trials by 2016.

The number of clinical trials in the field of stem cell sciences and cell terapy in asia pacific region by 2016. Source: clinical


Building upon the existing valuable research in the academia in the country, Iran National Innovation Fund is now ready to provide financial support for the knowledge-based firms to turn their potentials into practice by becoming commercialized and internationalized.