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null Tehran Hosts Exhibition of Protective Gear, Healthcare Achievements

Tehran Hosts Exhibition of Protective Gear, Healthcare Achievements

Tehran is hosting an exhibition of medical products and healthcare achievements in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

Over 150 firms, including several TBFs, are showcasing their products in the four-day event, which is the first physical exhibition since the outbreak of the virus in March.

It is not open to the general public and only foreign ambassadors and representatives of international firms can visit.

The exhibition covers comprehensive products, including medical electronic equipment, imaging kits, ward nursing and auxiliary equipment, medical supplies and hygienic materials, as well as first-aid products, and providing direct and comprehensive service to the medical devices industry.

As the first medical exhibition of instruments and equipment in the time of pandemic, the event is aiming to become the prevailing one in Iran’s medical instrument and equipment industry, a showcase of world-leading products and technologies, and a platform for the advanced academic theories and practice under the tenet of a high-end event and academic authorization.


Source: Press TV