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null Models for Developing Iran's Cooperation with Foreign Countries

Models for Developing Iran's Cooperation with Foreign Countries

Chief Investment Officer of INIF cited to models for developing Iran's cooperation with foreign countries in innovation field and said, "We welcome other models proposed in this regard."

Dr. Ali Nazemi, in a meeting titled "Iran Innovation Eco-System and the Role of INIF" categorized INIF’s international cooperation development program into four main goals, stating, “Diversifying the fund investment portfolio is one of these goals. Other three goals of this program include Use of investment experience in other countries in part of innovation, expanding Iranian innovation firms’ network, and enhancing engagement with other countries and foreign investors to collaborate with Iranian firms.

Moreover, he described the investment structure as having two main components, stating that, LP or limited partner is one of main components that operates as a trustee and investor, as well financial institutions invest in LP.  Second key component is GP or general partner investment structure that aims to identify opportunities to contract and manage the firms that are invested. As well, portfolio consulting and portfolio management firms are active in GP field. Nazemi added, “In order to develop cooperation, our first proposed model is to establish a joint fund. INIF in Iran and similar funds in other countries can collaborate on LP, in which case a joint venture can also operate as a GP. Our proposed cost of the joint venture is €50 million.

Chief Investment Officer of INIF further emphasized, “INIF announces its readiness to finance foreign consulting firms or GPs as LP. Proposed structure is that this Fund is established in Iran and managed by a foreign company. As for the next proposed model, he said, business angels include private and non-institutional investors who, for each unit they create in the country, INIF will fund against three units to enable such firms in Iranian technology market.  At the end of this meeting, Nazemi emphasized, “In addition to aforementioned models, INIF is ready to collaborate with other relevant international organizations in form of other models.