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null Iranian Technology-Based Firms (TBFs) Have Created Over 300,000 Jobs

Iranian Technology-Based Firms (TBFs) Have Created Over 300,000 Jobs

Executive Board Member of Iran National Innovation Fund (INIF), Dr. Khayyatian stated, “despite 4861 TBFs operating in the country, these firms have created over 300,000 job opportunities.

Khayyatian, in a meeting entitled "Iran Innovation Eco-System and the Role of INIF" said he hoped this meeting would be a means to familiarize foreign embassies and economic counsellors with Iran's capabilities in innovation field. According to international indicators, Iran's statistics and technology show our significant growth in innovation field.

He also stated further, “In 2010 a bill was approved to support TBFs that established INIF. So far, this fund has identified and supported approximately 4861 firms, so they have created over 300,000 jobs in country.”

As well, he added that World Innovation Index clearly confirms Iran's technology activities. In 2014, we were ranked 120 in field, which changed to ranked 61 last year.

Referring to opening of innovation factory by president, Dr. Khayyatian said, "In countries such as France and Germany, there are examples of these factories, and infrastructure has been created to support start-ups and facilitate their activities."