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null Innovation as a Driving Force of Economic Growth

Innovation as a Driving Force of Economic Growth

"Current Global Innovation Index (GII) in Iran, compared to last 9 years, explains that innovation index has had over 50% of growth," said chief investment officer of Iran National Innovation Fund (INIF).

Chief investment officer of INIF, Dr. Ali Nazemi at opening session of the second Technology Investment Meeting (TIM 2020), held in field of Network Technology Transfer and Exchange Programs in D-8 Organization for Economic Cooperation spoke about goals of event; "Aim of forming this group is to improve economic standing of member states, but economic-growth in international arena will not be possible without innovation, so innovation can be said to be engine of economic growth," he said. Important issue in field of economic growth is to achieve a sustainable and coherent ecosystem of innovation.

Moreover, Nazemi pointed to status of Iran's innovation ecosystem in the international arena at the meeting, stating, "Iran is ranked first in Middle East in terms of science and technology and in number of published articles. At present, Iran, with about 4700 knowledge-based companies, 139 state universities, 322 private universities, 43 science and technology parks, and 196 incubators, can promote its position in science development and have effective potential to create an active & dynamic ecosystem. It can also use this capacity in cross-border cooperation with other countries.

Chief Investment Officer emphasized 50% growth of Iran's innovation index from 2010 to 2019; Comparing GII with last 9 years, it can be said that Iran has achieved more than 50% of operation growth in innovation index. Therefore, we need an active ecosystem in order to achieve a better economic position. As well, these D8 members' gatherings can provide opportunities for collaboration as an achievement for future courses.

The news says that second Technology Investment Meeting (TIM 2020) will be held in two days. One of these meetings started today in Pardis Technology Park and continues tomorrow at Iran National Innovation Fund (INIF).