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null Plast Eurasia Istanbul Expo (2019) began in Turkey

Plast Eurasia Istanbul Expo (2019) began in Turkey

Plast Eurasia Istanbul Expo (2019) began in Turkey by support of Iran National Innovation Fund and International Affairs and Technological Exchange Center of Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology. In this exhibition, 1048 companies and agencies are present in different fields of plastic products. Should be mentioned that 32 Iranian companies and 3 associations are present at this exhibition.

In this field, 6 knowledge-based companies in Pavilion of Iran High-Tech Turkey Center have introduced their capabilities. 
At opening session of Expo, Mr. Bulent Oonal, responsible for holding Expo said about plastic industry importance and its place in everyday life. He also said this important industry has progressed to such an extent that it now produces heart valves with polymer products. 
"world without plastic products is also possible, while, such world will cost us a lot," Yavooz Oraghlu, chairman of board, said in following lectures of opening session.  For example, replacing water polymer bottles with glass bottles will lead to a 10-fold increase in water bottles price in Turkey. He also said the institute has invested heavily in environmental protection by investing in biodegradable plastics. 

At the end of session, Turkish Deputy Minister of Industry Hassan Booyuk stated, we need to import polymer materials to compensate for domestic's need, adding that ministry's policy will be to focus on producing polymer materials in Turkey by domestic manufacturers, in future.