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null Iran National Innovation Fund & Trade Promotion Organization of Iran Working Group

Iran National Innovation Fund & Trade Promotion Organization of Iran Working Group

On September 12, a working group was held at INIF to introduce and explain to senior managers and experts of TPO, the policies, services and capacities of this fund in the field of export and international affairs.

While introducing and explaining the services and capacities of INIF in the field of export, Dr. Siavash Malekifar, chief development officer of INIF, referred to sending trade delegations, attending foreign exhibitions and benefiting from the capacities of Iran's high tech showrooms in other countries and said, “Our export tools are basically divided in two categories. The first category are the efforts we do to provide tech based goods and services to the foreign markets. The second one is providing financial supports for Iranian technology based firms.

“INIF is supporting 5327 TBFs, so in order to accelerate the innovation development in Iran, we have defined different collaboration with other actors in innovation ecosystem, such as research and technology funds and banking network in all relevant fields.

In following, Seyyed Mojtaba Mousaviyan, chief export markets development officer of TPO stated that the purpose of holding this event was to promote the links between INIF and TPO. “Up to now, TPO has sent 40 business consulates to different countries, which can be effective as an advisory body in INIF”.

Sohrab Assa, INIF’s international affairs manager, pointed out the importance of forming a continuous dialogue between the actors of the innovation ecosystem and spoke about the convergence of organizations and capacity accumulation in order to benefit from optimum facilities in promoting national innovation status. He declared: "Undoubtedly, the correct implementation of communication policies in the field of science, technology and innovation in Iran needs the convergence of stakeholders and the continued support of ecosystem actors”. “Excessive emphasis of some officials on the number of actors or quantities presented in some domestic or foreign reports can mislead the minds and related decisions," Assa underscored.

In this regard, he added, “from the beginning, Iran’s innovation ecosystem aimed to increase people's quality of life, quality of public services and social capitals which we should not neglect.”

While reviewing the different periods of science, technology and innovation development during last 40 years, Sohrab Assa elaborated the features of national innovation system. He also explained how the innovation ecosystem was formed and the position that each actor occupies in it.