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null To Defeat the Coronavirus, INIF Supports Technology-Based Firms

To Defeat the Coronavirus, INIF Supports Technology-Based Firms

Chairman of the Iran National Innovation Fund (INIF) announced the allocation of credit in amount of $119 million  for supporting the plans and ideas of technology-based firms in order to combat spread of the COVID-19.

Dr. Ali Vahdat announced the provision of facilities and services of this fund to technology-based firms in order to produce the needs of people and control the prevalence of COVID-19  and stated, “Iran National Innovation Fund (INIF) as the main financing institution for technology-based firms for producing the necessary products and services related to controlling and combating spread of COVID-19 have approved the special support and put them on the agenda.”

Moreover, he told about the timing of access to these products, “INIF's assistance led to an increase in their production capacity focus, more on increasing circulation and improving product lines. Firms supply many of these products, so, INIF helps them.”

Regarding COVID-19 Test Kits, Dr. Vahdat said, “In order to produce COVID-19 Test Kits, the situation will be a little different. So late next week or early next year is our expected time to enter and supply the test kits produced with INIF's support to market. Because these diagnostic kits require more research, development and immediate licensing from organizations such as the Food and Drug Department.”

As well, in the end, he emphasized, “We hope that by increasing the speed at which we provide services to these firms, we will be able to use the capacity of technology-based firms to help overcome this disease.”