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null Iran National Innovation Fund's Support to Develop International Interactions for NTBFs in Four Countries: Russia, India, China & Austria

Iran National Innovation Fund's Support to Develop International Interactions for NTBFs in Four Countries: Russia, India, China & Austria

Chief international affairs officer of INIF, Yaser Arabnia based on the plans in international arena, suggested that joint innovation funds between Iran and neighboring countries should be adjusted to finance technology projects.

This afternoon (2020 January 16, Thursday), a meeting was held at INIF building about development of NTBFs' interactions (export and technology transfer) pioneered with Russia, China, India and Austria. At this meeting, Yaser Arabnia by reviewing previous efforts in three countries of Russia, China and India stated, “In this regard, this fund has identified relevant institutions in these countries and supported NTBFs to attend various exhibitions in these countries.”
As well, regarding the support provided to NTBFs, he stated, “This fund has provided support in order to presence of NTBFs in Russia's 2019 Max Expo, 2019 Yekaterinburg Industry 2019 Expo and Metal Expo Russia 2019. Therefore, we expect MOUs (memorandums of understanding) of relevant institutions to be implemented in shortest possible time.”
Moreover, he cited support for NTBFs and said of INIF's expectations of existing interactions with China. “In 2019, NTBFs were active in CHTF China, Aquatech China 2019, CHInano 2019, Permanent Expo and China Export Base (In Suzhou, Shanghai and Marintec China 2019), and their technology business delegation has been dispatched to Shanghai China 2019. Therefore, we expect final decision on INIF's proposed implementation plan to engage with Chinese counterparts in the shortest possible time, as well, we are awaiting an official response from China.”

On the other hand, he cited support for NTBFs in India and stated, “The INIF's priority was to pursue Indian-side agreements. In this regard, funding support for NTBFs to send companies to the Agro Tech Expo 2019 and MSME2020 has been on agenda. Our goal is to create necessary infrastructure to expand our country's knowledge-based services and products exports to India.  So we hope, this infrastructure will be accelerated and facilitated with diplomatic support.”
“Moreover, we are looking for ways to work with Austrian Embassy's economic sector. We are working with a number of European countries to promote interactions and develop partnerships by holding joint committees. Over past year, INIF has provided extensive support to KTBFs at Expopharm Munich 2019, Medica Germany 2019, BioFIT France 2019, Europort Netherlands 2019, Hungary Telecommunications, the K2019 Rubber and Plastics Industry Exhibition and the Hannover Messe Industry 2019.